Asha Clinic

Location: NAC Manimajra, Chandigarh

Year of Completion: 2017

Covered Area: 800 sq ft

Asha Clinic is a children’s clinic that is run by a paediatrician couple specialising in the needs of differently abled children. The clinic caters to children aged anywhere between 6 months and 13 years.

The challenge was to make the clinic appealing and sensitive to the needs of a normal child as well as one with special needs. Children are generally attracted to colourful spaces whereas in a few cases differently abled children get disturbed by too much colour. With this as a pre-requisite, the interiors had to have a fine balance between colours and subtlety.

The overall colour palette was kept in a neutral shade of grey and white which gives the space a neat and contemporary look. The central band running all along the walls, binds all the wall art, graphics and glazing. This helps in providing an organised character to the overall clinic. All the doors are kept in bright pastel shades, which complement the white and grey.

Despite the clinic being on the first floor of a showroom, a sense of outdoors has been brought to the waiting area. The lighting in the ceiling gives the impression of a skylight which is cut-out in the slab. The rest of the lighting is also mostly indirect and has a soft soothing effect. Directly underneath the skylight is a patch of artificial green grass that gives the look of a natural playground for kids with toys scattered all over.

The artwork in the waiting area, on the wall behind the couch is custom designed and hand-painted. The hues of the colours have been carefully selected so as to make them appealing in the forms and shapes that are relatable to the kids. The furniture for kids is custom-designed as well, keeping in mind the candour required for children but in a safe space without sharp edges, ample storage and compactness.