Roots Analysis

A youthful and informal office space for a Research and Consultancy in bio-pharmaceutical industry. The client required that would encourage interaction and discussions in a comfortable atmosphere, catering to an average mid-twenties age group of the employees.
Taking into consideration the site area and location, an open layout was preferred with clean sight lines and easy patterns of circulation.

The reception and waiting area is a buffer zone that does not reveal the introverted nature of the office to the outside. It features wooden flooring and brick clad partitions separating it from the rest of the office space. A specially designed movable wooden partition incorporates indoor planters and leads the visitor inside. A small OAT adjacent to the reception area provides a cozy, comfortable seating space and doubles as an area hosting informal meetings. The steps of the OAT open up to provide storage space for the office.
Glass has been used for most of the partitions, allowing an easy visual access to the meeting/ conference room, which is further designed as a versatile space which morphs into a games room. The specially designed conference table, doubles up as a Table Tennis unit as per the demand of the time, space and situation. Further, the conference room can be segregated into two smaller meeting rooms via sliding folding doors.

A passage acts as a space segregator between the conference/meeting room and the workspaces.

Custom designed workstations are arranged in a simple, linear setup, allowing for efficiency and ease of interaction between employees. Natural light, during the daytime, filters in from large windows accessible only from one side of the office space. The open layout also helps light up the entire office, reducing the electrical load.

Wall graphics interspersed throughout the interiors help generate interest and break the monotony generally associated with office spaces.
A colour palette includes greys, white and light green (branding colour of the firm) has been used with a dash of red to add interest.